1. Exhibition, workshop, a spaceman. It’s Fumetto!


  2. Me very creative. Me knows how to inspiration.


  3. Sanni ja Joonas – Talviyö sarjakuva-albumi nyt ennakkotilattavissa Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kumioravan sivuilta

    Nimi: Sanni & Joonas – Talviyö
    Tekijä: Mari Ahokoivu ja Kalle Hakkola
    Sidottu • Kovat kannet • 68 sivua • 200x250mm
    ISBN 978-952-70330-1-2
    Julkaistu: maaliskuu 2014
    Hinta: 19,90


  4. I don’t really have time for all these details, but they sure are fun to do!


  5. Sanni & Joonas now in Youtube and in Facebook! But only in Finnish, sorry. Comic book coming soon (also in Finnish).

    Also, www.sannijajoonas.fi website is now open! Huraa!


  6. Someone is doing “how to do” -comics again…!


  7. Little teaser for Winter Dreaming, part 3! This too has been sent to the printers, now we’ll wait…

    To pre-order klick here.


  8. Something was send to the printers today….!


  9. I will be teaching again soon (in Fumetto festival)! I haven’t done that for a while, so I think I need to brush up my teaching skills, starting with my favorite books…


  10. Sister and brother, Sanni and Joonas (coming soon in Finnish)


  11. Short comic I’m working on for kuš


  12. Coming soon: Talviunta 3 (Winter Dreaming 3)
    In Finnish with English subtitles. You can soon (end of March) buy it here: www.asemakustannus.com


  13. Sorry sorry sorry, i’ve been super busy lately, so there’s been no updates in any of my blogs! I’ll try to get back posting soon(ish). Meanwhile, here’s a fox.


  14. working with Talviunta (the Winter Dreaming) magazine number 3… 


  15. Sketching Oonaphant with the Doctor